Sun Devil Rocketry’s Hybrids Propulsion Team explores innovative technologies and challenges using hybrid systems. Unlike other propulsion methods, hybrid propulsion consists of both liquid and solid components. This unique approach to rocketry provides our organization with a strong sense of research, development, and engineering.

The Hybrids Team is in the process of developing an original prototype, called the Vortex Flow Pancake Engine. This project was designed, engineered, and manufactured by our members and exhibits burn characteristics and flow properties that are considered cutting edge in the rocketry industry. The team will proceed with testing the prototype and publishing papers on its performance and implications. Moving forward, the team will research traditional engine geometries with the ultimate goal of constructing and launching ASU’s first hybrids-powered rocket.


Historically, the development and implementation of hybrid rocket engines has been hindered by poor regression rate and combustion efficiency. Advancement of such engines would be advantageous in the field of propulsion due to their inherent safety, a function of spatial and phasal separation of the fuel and oxidizer. Based on preliminary trade studies, the following requirements were specified for the engine:

  • THRUST -> 200 lbf
  • CHAMBER PRESSURE -> 500 psig

Hybrids Team Divisions


Engine Performance characterization, Ignition, Engine Design, Propellant Mixture Analysis, Test Stand + Design, Heat Transfer consideration


Circuit Design, Data Aquisition + Sensors, Controls + User Interfacing, Electrical

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