The Solids research initiative gives aspiring rocket scientists and engineers experience in conducting technical, in-depth, hands-on propulsion research in a collaborative university environment. By participating in this research, students can prepare for careers in the aerospace industry, including defense, R&D, and space exploration.

Solid rocket propellant has existed since the 13th century, and has continuously evolved over time in multiple forms. Sun Devil Rocketry’s Solid Propulsion Team explores and innovates upon the oldest form of rocket propulsion. The goal of the Solids team is to expand on the existing testing infrastructure while simultaneously developing solid rocket propellants that can be used for high power rockets built within the club.


Currently, the Solids research team is developing a testing and analysis process to accurately and safely characterize different propellant mixtures. With an amalgamation of work on the testing site and test equipment, the team is looking forward to full characterization of a motor in house. Over the past year, the team has worked on a Crawford Strand Burner which will allow the team to safely and efficiently design the propellants. In addition to the goals set by the solids team, pioneering the testing site will create a lot of opportunities for further research for other research groups at ASU.

While the solids team has experience static firing and testing engines, it was essential to define engine specifications to establish safety:

  • 5000 psig
  • 50x FOS

Solids Team Divisions


Nozzle + Combustion Chamber, Ignition, Engine Design, Propellant Mixture Analysis, Test Stand + Design, Crawford Strand Burner Refurbishment, Regression Rate Tests


Data Aquisition + Sensors, Engine Startup Automation, Controls + User Interfacing, Electrical / PCB Design

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