The Intro Teams are for new members who are interested in learning the basics of rocket design and construction. The two intro teams compete against each other to make a level 1 rocket following a specific challenge, which changes each year. For example, previous challenges include protecting an egg as a payload, a drag race to 3000 ft, getting the closest to 5,280 ft, and carrying a GoPro camera to “spy on U of A.” Each team will be led by a veteran member who has previously completed the challenge. Teams design, build, and launch their rockets to compete in our Intro Challenge!

  • Learn to use CAD and rocket simulation software such as Solidworks, Open Rocket, and RockSim!
  • Design a rocket and present your proposal!
  • Build the rocket using tools, including laser cutting, 3D printing, and lots and lots of sanding!
  • Launch a rocket!

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