The dedicated students in our organization are the driving force behind everything we do and accomplish. At over 60 members strong, Sun Devil Rocketry is proud to have a diverse and wide-reaching membership. Meet some of our members and see what you can accomplish as a member of SDR!


Sun Devil Rocketry (SDR), formerly Daedalus Astronautics, is an organization within Arizona State University’s Ira A. Fulton Schools on Engineering. The structure of the club is multifaceted and deeply rooted in research and development of rocketry technologies, as well as community involvement and professional strengthening of its members. It is comprised of three research teams, two introduction teams, and an outreach initiative.

Mainstream propulsion technology is categorized into three groups describing the state of matter of a rocket’s fuel and oxidizer: Solid, Hybrid, and Liquid. Each research team specializes in one propulsion system and focuses on conducting innovative projects in that area. SDR believes that rocketry should be accessible to everybody, even with no prior experience. The Introduction Teams are designed to instruct new members from modeling a rocket digitally all the way to launching it in the desert. SDR has long-standing relations with local elementary schools. Throughout the year, club members visit classrooms to teach the basics of rocketry and walk students through building their own rocket.

OUR Officers & Team Leads

Sun Devil Rocketry's team of student leaders help propel our organization to new heights!


Katie Herrington

Katie is a senior majoring in Aerospace engineering. She is the President and Propulsion team lead and is leading the club in the design of ASU and SDR's first liquid rocket. She plans on specializing in fluid systems and propulsion and in her free time enjoys volleyball and running.

Vice President

Max Goldstein

Max is the Vice President of Sun Devil Rocketry as well as Co-Lead of the Advanced High Powered Rocketry sub-team. He is responsible for assisting the president in administrative duties and serves as the industry relations officer. Max is currently leading experienced members in the development of a supersonic two stage solid rocket. Max is also a member of the propulsion team where he focuses on liquid rocket injectors. Outside of engineering, Max enjoys wakeboarding and playing the guitar.

Treasurer & Intro-Team Lead

Marzuk Hasan

Marzuk is a sophomore studying Aerospace Engineering. As Intro Team lead, Marzuk leads the design and construction of a level one high-power rocket. He also serves as treasurer, managing funding allocation for SDR’s teams to ensure everyone has the resources to accomplish their goals. He is also an active member of the Advanced High power rocketry team, helping lead supersonic rocket design and mentoring members on their Tripoli level 1 certifications.

Outreach Coordinator & HPR Lead

Thomas Booska

Thomas Booska is a current sophomore in mechanical engineering. As one of two Advanced High-Power Rocketry co-leads, he is leading a project to expand the envelope of our high-power rocketry capabilities, through a project to launch a supersonic two-stage vehicle above 36,000 feet. As well, he serves as our outreach coordinator, planning events to fuel STEM fire in Phoenix's younger students. Since joining SDR, he has become involved in personal high-power rocketry projects, including a Level 3 certification rocket and other high-altitude projects. In SDR, in addition to AHPR, he is active in the Liquids Propulsion and Test Operations sub-teams. Outside of the club, he enjoys hiking in the mountains, playing tennis, photography, and both listening to and playing music.

Safety Officer

Ben Oullette

Ben is a senior in Mechanical Engineering. He is the current Liquid Rocket Engine Structures Lead as well as the Safety Officer of the club. This entails overseeing general club safety practices while monitoring standard operating procedures for the research and development activities. In addition, he helps coordinate with EHS and campus officials to ensure a safe testing and manufacturing enviorment for our rocket teams. He serves as a mentor to all in the club in regards to manufacturing processes and teaching the basics of High Powered Rocketry. In his spare time, Ben plays hockey, dabbles in metallurgy and enjoys woodworking.

Liquid Propulsion Lead

Brian Terasaki

Brian is a senior in Aerospace Engineering and former treasurer for SDR. As Liquid Propulsion Lead, he oversees the design, construction, and testing of the team's liquid engine. Brian also shares his knowledge of compressed gas systems, aerodynamics, and CFD in order to help various teams with their work. Outside of Rocketry, he enjoys hiking and card games.

Solid Propulsion Lead

Devansh Nathiley

Devansh is currently a Junior studying Mechanical Engineering. He directs the Solids Propulsion Research Team at SDR. This team's primary focus involves the development, characterization, as well as testing of in-house built experimental solid rocket-propellants. Previously a member of the Solids Propulsion team as well as the Intro team, he has been associated with SDR for over two years now. Outside of the team, Devansh has a passion for exploring new places and loves listening to music.

Hybrid Propulsion Lead

Edrik Vachier

Edrik is a 4th year Aerospace Engineering student and the team lead of Sun Devil Rocketry’s Hybrid Propulsion team. Leading up to his leadership position in the Rocket club, he was part of a successful launch from an Intro Team in his sophomore year and stayed involved in the Hybrids team for his sophomore and junior years. Outside of Rocketry, Edrik loves to country dance, make music, organize events, and go to YoungLife at ASU.

Avionics Lead

Nick Nguyen

Nick is currently a sophomore majoring in Computer Systems Engineering. As avionics lead, he is responsible for designing and building hardware and software to support the other teams in Sun Devil Rocketry. Nick does not only maintain the current electrical systems but also promises to carry out experimental projects that involve advanced avionics systems such as Active Roll Stabilization Fins and SDR Flight Dashboard Software. Outside of rocketry, Nick loves doing research in AI and listening to music.

Intro-Team Lead

Shane Tokishi

Shane is a senior in Aerospace Engineering and a 2023-2024 Intro Team Lead. As an Intro Team Lead, he guides a team of students who have little to no high-powered rocketry experience through designing and building their own rocket from scratch. Starting on an Intro Team during his sophomore year, Shane now supports many of SDR’s Liquid Propulsion Research sub-teams. Outside of rocketry, Shane enjoys sports, particularly baseball and snowboarding, as well as video games and anime.

Intro-Team Lead

Jackson Reese

Jackson is currently finishing his last year as a senior studying Aerospace Engineering. As an Intro-Team Lead, Jackson leads new members to design and construct an L1 rocket to compete in the clubs rockery competition. One of his goals as a Lead is to have students create connections with one another and join other divisions of the rocketry club. He is currently working on an Honors Thesis which involves designing and building a fully 3D printed rocket. In his free time, he likes to play board games and hosts a Bible study on campus.

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