Sun Devil Rocketry Club understands the importance of a rocket loving community and wishes for everyone to be given the chance to participate in rocketry. For the past couple years, Sun Devil Rocketry has annually attended several elementary school to educate 5th graders of the science behind a rocket. These 5th graders were also given the chance to build their own rocket and launch them. Considering rockets will now play a large role in humanity, Sun Devil Rocketry will continue to inspire and encourage students and kids to become the future of the Aerospace and Rocket community.

The Outreach team is looking for people willing to step out of their boundary zone to make new connections for the club and themselves.

Make Your Mark

Sun Devil Rocketry sponsors a variety of projects suitable to students with a variety of backgrounds and experience levels. From designing experimental rocket engines to educating the next generation, explore how you want to make your mark.